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Weight Loss Clinic

If you have a BMI greater than 30, our Clinical Pharmacist at Cyncoed Pharmacy’s Weight Loss Clinic can prescribe the weight loss injection, Mounjaro, to help you along your weight loss journey.

Ear Wax Removal Cardiff

Our ear clinic helps to diagnose and treat painful and irritating ear ailments. Our clinician will look into the ear canal and see if there are any signs of infection, inflammation, obstruction or excess earwax. Excess ear wax can be removed by us using micro-suction, the ‘gold standard’ method of earwax removal.

Oral Contraception Service

Our specialist Independent Prescribing pharmacist can prescribe FREE of Charge Oral Contraception. This can usually be collected on the same day as your appointment.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Our Independent Prescribing pharmacist can prescribe EHC (morning after pill without a GP prescription). The medication is provided at the appointment.

Travel Clinic

Following a consultation with our expert pharmacist, you will be prescribed & administered with the necessary vaccinations and medication to keep you safe on your trip.

Chickenpox Vaccination Cardiff

The NHS currently offers a chickenpox vaccination to certain vulnerable groups, protecting those who are most at risk.
This service is available to those seeking protection from the chickenpox virus, including those who are eligible through the NHS but choose a private vaccination service.

Urinary Tract Infection

Our Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) service is a free NHS service available to women aged 16-64.
Our Independent Prescribing pharmacist who can prescribe medication  if necessary to treat the condition.

Common Ailments Service

NHS Wales funds a Common Ailment Service where we can advise and treat without a prescription many ‘Common Ailments’. List of conditions we can treat on next page.

Sore Throat Test and Treat Service

The sore throat treat and test service enables a patient* to be assessed by an accredited pharmacist. This may involve the pharmacist taking a swab of your throat if appropriate, to help identify Strep A infection. This is an NHS service and saves the need for a GP appointment.

* patient must be 6 or over.

Discharge Medicines Review (DMR)

If you have recently been discharged from hospital, and you want us to review your existing or altered medication, we offer this service FREE of charge.

Emergency Medicine Supply

In some cases, you may require urgent prescription medication without having a valid prescription on hand. However, pharmacies are still able to give you the drug in an “Emergency Supply.” Your doctor may make such requests, or you, the patient, may make them.

About Us

More About Us

Welcome to Cyncoed Pharmacy & Travel Clinic  in Cardiff. We offer a range of NHS & PRIVATE Services, all of which can be booked through our website. Cyncoed Pharmacy also has a Travel Clinic, Ear Health Clinic specialising in ear wax removal, and a NHS Contraception Clinic in which we can prescribe Oral Contraception without the need to see a GP, also EHC ( ‘MORNING AFTER PILL’) free of charge under the NHS.


Our Clinical Pharmacists

at Cyncoed

Mr Nick Thorne

Nick is qualified under the NHS ‘Common Ailments Service’ to see patients for a significant number of medical conditions, and where necessary offer free NHS medication to treat them.

He specialises in Ear Health ( including Earwax removal by Micro-suction)  and Weight Management appointments for which can be booked through this website.

Nick is qualified to issue the Mounjaro Injection treatment which is an appetite suppressant to help patients achieve a healthier weight.



Mrs Hayley Jones

Hayley qualified as an Independent Prescriber in 2020 and has a special interest in the prescribing of oral contraception and emergency hormonal contraception.

At Cyncoed Pharmacy Travel Clinic, Hayley specialises in travel advice and vaccinations (including Yellow Fever). She can also provide Chicken Pox vaccinations for suitable patients.

Hayley also offers a Urinary Tract Infection service, a Skin Infection service and a Sore Throat Test and Treat service, along with advice and treatment for a range of medical conditions under the Common Ailment Service.

What Our Customers Say

Cardiff Media
Cardiff Media
Had a Covid test here very professional and reasonable price. Although told no longer doing them I would still recommend the store.
Boris Pavelic
Boris Pavelic
It was Friday, 20 to 5, end of the day/week and I came to the pharmacy to pick something up and ask a few questions. Hayley J. provided amazing customer service, she was speaking with passion and dedication. She was really honest with me and I felt that she dedicated her time just to me, as she understood my concerns and questions. Great customer service is difficult to find, but rest assured that you will find one in this pharmacy. Hayley should be recognized for her expertise and passion. I will certainly be back. If I had to choose a person who enlightened my week, that would be Hayley J! Thank you, diolch!
Michael Crossley
Michael Crossley
A family run pharmacy with excellent service, really feel they put the customers first! Only pharmacy I know that you feel they properly go above and beyond to ensure you get what you need. Also a very nice shop itself and a nice friendly atmosphere in there. Have been running additional Covid-19 services throughout the pandemic.
Laura Fitz
Laura Fitz
Having moved to Cardiff in 2010 I struggled for a number of years to find a pharmacy that I could consistently depend on. Since transferring to cyncoed pharmacy I honestly could not be happier with the great service they provide. Everybody is always so professional with a welcoming smile to greet me. Whenever I have any medication queries I have found the staff to be very knowledgeable and they will go above and beyond to assist me in whatever way they can. I could not recommend this pharmacy enough for the high quality service they provide.
Jay Tee
Jay Tee
Used Cyncoed Pharmacy for a long time now and just want to say thank you, you guys treat myself and anyone i’ve seen in the pharmacy the same time with the utmost respect. And especially during these extremely tough times, its very nice to see a business still valuing their custom, and making customers leave with a smile on their face, time and time again! Thank you!!
Bianca Davies
Bianca Davies
I have got my medication from Cyncoed Pharmacy for 8 years and do not have a single bad word to say about them. It is a fantastic pharmacy and all of the staff are so friendly yet professional and go above and beyond to help despite the fact that it is very busy. Recently my medication was sent to another pharmacy in error and on this occasion since I had run out I collected it from the other pharmacy and it made me appreciate how great Cyncoed Pharmacy is because I did not receive nowhere near the same level of service as I am so used to there. Thankfully this was sorted with my GP surgery and my prescriptions are now back in the very trusted hands of the tremendous staff at Cyncoed Pharmacy!
Jade A
Jade A
I would just like to say gigantic thank you to The team at Cyncoed, so many times they have helped me sort out my medication, which I am eternally grateful for. Each an every member of staff always make me feel like a valued customer, and it shows they really care, you only have to see the constant flow of customers that use the pharmacy to know why they are always so busy.when a certain person puts a negative review saying how the staff can be ignorant and other childish comments they forget to mention in their review how rude they have been towards the staff and also abusing the staff with disgusting language but it’s funny they forget to mention that! you are a good pharmacy and all lovely people who work very hard and appreciated by so many people !
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