Yellow Fever Vaccinations and Certificates for International Travel


What Is Yellow Fever?

Yellow fever is a mosquito-borne virus found throughout parts of Africa and South America. Unlike many other mosquito-borne infections, vaccines are available to protect against yellow fever.

What Are the Symptoms of Yellow Fever?

Most individuals who contract yellow fever will show no symptoms. Some may have mild symptoms like fever, chills, headache or vomiting. It is estimated that one in every seven people who show any symptoms will develop a severe case of yellow fever.

Severe cases involve very high fevers, jaundice (yellow skin), bleeding, shock and organ failure. If you develop any of these symptoms while in a region with yellow fever, see a healthcare professional immediately.

How Does Yellow Fever Spread?

Yellow fever spreads to humans through mosquito bites. The virus cannot spread from person to person directly, only via mosquito bites.

Research suggests that most yellow fever outbreaks start with mosquitoes spreading the infection to primates, like monkeys. Other mosquitoes then carry the virus from the primates to humans in other environments, including cities. There, local mosquitoes can carry infection from person-to-person through bites.

Is There a Treatment or Cure for Yellow Fever?

There is no medicine or treatment for yellow fever. Most care involves alleviating pain and treating symptoms like headache and fever.

Between 30 and 60 percent of individuals who have severe symptoms die from the virus.

What Is the Yellow Fever Vaccine?

The yellow fever vaccine is an injection which prevents yellow fever. The vaccine is recommended for many countries in Africa and South America, it is required for entry to some nations.

Who Should Get the Yellow Fever Vaccine?

The yellow fever vaccine is recommended for anyone traveling to a region where the virus is present.

Does the Yellow Fever Vaccine Have Any Side Effects?

Yellow fever vaccination side effects are generally mild and common to most vaccines. This includes redness at the injection site or mild muscle ache.

Which Countries Have Yellow Fever?

Over 40 countries have at least some risk of yellow fever transmission including popular destinations like Peru, Brazil and Nigeria. An up to date list of countries which have Yellow Fever will be discussed with our Clinical Pharmacist travel expert at Cyncoed Pharmacy at your Travel Clinic appointment.

Which Countries Require Proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination ?

Some countries require proof of vaccination for entry or proof if arriving from a country with the virus. At the time of your vaccination with Cyncoed Pharmacy, you will be provided with a certificate’ to prove that you have been immunised.

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